Silver crossed ring with zirconia
Silver crossed ring with zirconia
Silver crossed ring with zirconia
Silver crossed ring with zirconia

Silver crossed ring with zirconia


NOTE: The prices shown on the website are your reserved prices.
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Stone colors

Silver two crossed ring with white cubic zirconia.

The prices shown are your reserved prices.

How can I view prices?

To see our prices, you must first register by using your business account and providing a valid VAT number, and wait until we have verified your account. To complete a purchase, as well as to view the prices of products offered on the website, you must be registered. Membership to the site is absolutely free and without obligation. Click here to log in!

    Why are prices hidden?

    We do not make prices visible to everyone in order to protect our retailers and allow them to increase the price at their discretion. We reserve the right to disallow non-industry stores, such as grocery stores, technology stores, dealers, etc., to purchase.

    How do I place an order?

    Use the ‘add to cart’ button to add products to your shopping cart. Once you’re done shopping, click on the shopping cart in the upper right corner to get an overview of your order. Please check the products in your cart and all your personal details carefully and update them if needed. Finally, you can send us your order by clicking on "submit your order". Once we receive your order, we will contact you to confirm product availability and send you the invoice, which must be paid by bank transfer. Sometimes items sell out too quickly and we have not been able to update the stock on our website in time. In such cases, we have to change the order value. Therefore, wait for the invoice before paying.

    Are the prices shown as the recommended prices for sale?

    Yes, but we allow our retailers the freedom to choose the appropriate revenue. Discounts are available based on quantities ordered or total orders reached.

    Are products always available?

    Products offered on the Website may be in limited numbers and may be sold at discounted prices. Sometimes items sell out too quickly and we have not been able to update the stock on our website in time. It may therefore happen that the product ordered is no longer available after the purchase order has been registered. In any case of unavailability of the ordered product, the user will be promptly notified by e-mail or telephone and the purchase order will be modified according to the user's instructions.

    Do I need to place a minimum order?

    We do not require any minimum order you can order just one item if you wish.

    How do I remove a product from the shopping cart?

    On the cart page, you have a summary of the selected merchandise. If you want to remove an item or decrease the items to be purchased, you can take action directly from the quantity box using arrows. Bringing the quantity to 0 removes products from the cart.

    How many days will I receive my Fancy quote?

    Quotes are usually delivered within 2 working days but do not hesitate to contact us for special urgencies.

    I submitted an order and asked to pay by bank transfer. When do I need to make the payment?

    After submitting your order, wait to receive our ORDER CONFIRMATION which will update you on the actual availability of the products you requested and the exact amount to be paid, as there may be differences between what you ordered and what is actually available. At the same time, you will be sent the bank details on which to make the transfer.

    Some of the products I ordered are not on the order confirmation, why

    Fancy Srl also sells its products at the Showroom in Arezzo open only to VAT holders, so there is a possibility that a product will be available even if no longer in stock. Products in the order confirmation, on the other hand, are ready to be shipped. 

    How many days are needed for delivery?

    The package will be shipped in 1 business day after receipt of payment for the order.

    How much does the shipment cost?

    Shipping costs are calculated based on the country of shipping and the weight of the package. The approximate costs are on the shipping page.

    I forgot my password, how can I retrieve it?

    On the login page click on the "Forgot Password?" button, you will be prompted to type in your registration email, and then, clicking on the "RECOVER PASSWORD" button will resend your password to your email.

    How can I track my order?

    We will send you a tracking code via email once we ship your order.



    In case you have more questions, write to us via our contact form below.


          Transport costs

    The shipping costs of an order made by www. will be communicated to the customer after the order, once the actual stock of products in stock and the weight of the shipment. 

           Indicative transport costs Italy 

    The costs of the transport expenses are so counted (indicative)

    1 - 5 Kg - 10 €

    5 - 20 Kg - 15 €

    20 - 30 Kg - 20 €

    30 - 50 Kg - 27 €

    50 - 100 Kg - 40 € 

    Supplements for islands, Venice , Ztl, and special requests for Sprinter shipments. 

           Costs of transport abroad: 

    Shipping costs for foreign countries will be estimated at the time of order confirmation

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